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Miracle #1

As a marine veteran I am no stranger to a challenge. Mercy was my partner as I faced the biggest challenge of my life – my battle with COVID-19.  I began to feel ill in late March just as New York City and Long Island 

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began to reach its peak with COVID-19 cases. From the Emergency Room, I spent time in the Intensive Care Unit, was intubated, and for weeks on end was administered expert medical care around the clock. The medical staff assured me as long as I would fight, they would as well. I received Last Rites on three separate occasions believing I would never see my family again. Then a miracle happened.  Against all odds, I began to improve and finally ended my stay in the rehabilitation department where I received daily physical and occupational therapy to strengthen my limbs and improve my fine motor skills so I could return to living a full life. I got to spend time with staff in various units with varying specialties and they were all dedicated to one goal – my complete and total return to health!   After spending 110 days in a medical center, you become intimately aware of the culture and dedication of its employees. I now feel as if I am a part of the Mercy Medical Center family. My story is nothing less than part miracle and part testament to the expert medical teams dedicated to my diagnosis, care and recovery.

Miracle #2

I am lucky to be married to a wonderful husband, have two beautiful daughters, an amazing grandson with a successful career in the legal profession.

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I am diligent with my annual screenings so imagine my horror when I woke up not even 6 months after my last clean mammogram with a swollen breast. One call to Mercy and their doctors immediately sprang into action. I had a biopsy the next day and was diagnosed with stage 3a breast cancer. Simultaneously with receiving my diagnosis, the NYC metro area began to battle COVID-19; I too began a battle of my own. At first I cried my heart out, but I did not let the news take away all hope. I started chemotherapy immediately, my medical team was formed, and plans were quickly put into motion. I completed my chemo regimen, had a lumpectomy followed by sentinel node biopsy surgery. Thanks to all of the medical professionals involved with my care  I am now cancer free!