Employees of Mercy Medical Center during Global Pandemic

We at Mercy Medical Center have always considered our faculty and staff the heartbeat of our medical center. This year however, illustrated how much they embodied our healing mission as they worked in all areas of the hospital during the global pandemic. Our employees worked diligently day in and day out ensuring our community received the highest level of care during unprecedented times. Because of their remarkable service to Mercy Medical Center our employees are the recipients of this year’s Theodore Roosevelt Award for Outstanding Service.

Our staff provide help and hope when we are at our most vulnerable. Our nurses, physicians and other clinicians are the people who put caring for patients first while sacrificing time from their own families. As you walk through Mercy’s doors, these are the people who make sure that you will get the best care available. Our staff make sure all medical equipment is functional and operating at full capacity. Our dedicated environmental services staff, considered a silent hero, ensure our facilities are clean and sanitized to help fight COVID-19. Our nutritional services department provide much needed meals for our staff while meeting the nutritional needs of our patients. Our health care workers are putting their lives at risk to fight this pandemic. No stranger to challenges, they’ve faced adversities before, such as Hurricane Sandy, and 9/11. They’ve once again risen to the occasion knowing exactly what to do.

The heroic stories that highlight the depths that our Mercy staff have contributed to during COVID-19 are words to marvel and appreciate. They are shining examples of what Mercy Medical Center can be proud of and exemplify that we are all in this toget